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14 July
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Hello there!

This is a fiction-archive journal. For the most part it is public, unlike my personal journal, fictionalcandie, though if you're thinking of adding me I would appreciate you letting me know that you're doing so (and, preferably, why) here, just because that makes it easier on my brain. Original fiction posts are few, far between, and not public, but if you’ve come here in search of fanfiction, you’re in luck, because that's all public, and not only do I tag every post, I have helpful masterlists to make things easy on my brain and everyone else. (The Harry Potter masterlist is here, and the one for all my other fandoms is here.) If you’re trying to find something specific, that’s probably the quickest way to do it. So go on, have a look, and don’t be shy about leaving your thoughts, because I heart comments and constructive criticism. Feedback is awesome!

Things To Keep In Mind About Me
unless you want to forget them, that's cool too
  • I have a terrible tendency to forget about replying to comments (sometimes for months, occasionally for years).

  • I also have an even more terrible tendency to run off and start new fic.

  • Sometimes I finish fic and forget to post it for a while.

  • Having duva talk to me about something is the fastest way to get me to write it.

Things For Which I Do Not Always Warn
but which you'll probably find here anyway
  • Pairings you might not like

  • RPF (fiction about real people)

  • Spoilers

  • Objectification

  • Any of a variety of specific sexual acts
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